About Project

NEC project links partners from three countries – Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia, which through their regular activity engage in preparation of education programs and trainings for adult members of the Romani national minority. This project will enable linking and creation of partnership so that on the international level there can be equality and improvement of the process of social integration for the members of the Romani national minority. Project partners act on the areas where there is a great amount of the Romani population where, again, we face the problems which reoccur and which should be systematically resolved.

Our Partners

The Čakovec Public Open University is a city educational institution. By its type, it is a public and non-profit institution. It has 4 full-time employees who perform daily tasks in the field of adult education and foreign language schools. The focus of the activity is adult education and lifelong learning with currently over 90 different programs in the implementation of which, due to their complexity, involved about a hundred external associates for individual programs in the profiles of teachers for different professions such as veterinarian, agronomy, master of science their psychology, pedagogy of agronomists, economists, engineers, etc.

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